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Bail Bonds Near Greensboro NC

Bail Bonds Near Greensboro NC

If a friend or family member has asked you to bail them out of jail, it’s essential that you contact the right bondsman. An inexperienced bail bondsman will create unnecessary delays in the process while an expert can accelerate the process of release.

Why Triple Triangle Bail Bonds Near Greensboro NC?

We have the experience, expertise, and knowledge to answer your questions thoroughly, help you better understand the bail process, and most important, deliver the results you expect. We’ve been in business for many years, serving the Greensboro community with reliable, affordable service.

Do You Need a Bondsman?

While it’s not legally necessary to hire a bondsman to help with the process of getting someone released from jail on bail, it is conducive to the process and can ensure that you avoid the common pitfalls of going it alone. Many people mistakenly believe that if they have the entire amount of bond, they don’t need the assistance of a bondsman- but there’s a lot more to deciding than what’s on the surface.

Even if you have the total amount of bond at hand, it may not be wise to tie up all of your capital while the defendant is waiting to be seen by the judge. A bondsman will charge just 10% of the total bond amount, allowing you to use collateral to cover the remaining 90%.

A Much Needed Public Service

Triple Triangle Bail Bonds near Greensboro, NC can fill in the gaps between the amount of money you have on hand and the amount of the bond. Our service makes the process of making bail affordable to our clients.

Our bondsmen understand the logistics and details required to speed up release- and we can provide the comfort and information you’re looking for during this difficult time. We want to earn your business through providing exceptional customer service and easy navigation through what is typically a complicated process.

When Cash is Not King

Handing cash over to the court system opens the door to higher fines and fees. As well, using cash can jeopardize the defendant’s access to a court-appointed attorney, should they require a public defender. If your friend or a family member has demonstrated to the court that they have access to cash, they may be required to pay for a lawyer out-of-pocket, which can hinder access to quality legal representation.

Even minute technicalities can cause forfeiture of the cash bond. Protect your hard-earned money by hiring a bondsman from Triple Triangle Bail Bonds near Greensboro, NC. If you require additional professional advice, feel free to call us day or night. We understand arrests do not always happen during business hours, which is why we’ll take your phone call at any hour.

We are conveniently located on Gilmer St in Reidsville, NC, close to Greensboro. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at any time that you require our services or have questions about the bail process.

Bail Bonds Near Greensboro Nc
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